Your very own customisable room reverb with some unique techniques and features

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Eventide Tverb由传奇的制作人,音乐家和工程师Tony Visconti共同开发,可提供具有一些独特技术和功能的极其可定制的房间混响。 在这个虚拟房间(以柏林的Hansa Tonstudios传奇的Meistersaal为模型)中,您可以混合使用三个虚拟通道:一个具有微妙氛围的主麦克风和两个可捕捉郁郁葱葱的房间混响的可移动麦克风。


混响是不同于其他混响的混响。 从一个完美的房间开始,并通过调节衰减,扩散和EQ的标准混响控件来营造出让您的音轨栩栩如生的氛围,从而使其具有品味。 现在,在该房间的任何地方放置几个额外的麦克风。 移动它们,直到音轨完美地融入您的混音中。 设置模拟的闸门以打开轨道的动态。 使用Tverb,可以控制所有这些参数以及更多参数。 而且由于Tverb是算法算法,因此您可以实时完成所有操作(使用卷积混响是不可能的)。 您甚至可以让麦克风实时在房间内跳舞。 在现实生活中不可能; Tverb中的快照。


通过在主通道上模拟模拟压缩并在混响通道上进行选通,Tverb是用于宽动态范围音频的独特工具。 该插件的灵感来自Visconti的设置,该设置用于在录制Heroes时捕捉David Bowie的人声令人难以置信的动态范围。 Tverb建立在Visconti的技术基础上,开辟了未曾想到的可能性。

“我几乎不知道40年前在非常特定的配置中安装三个麦克风会为新的录音时代带来如此多功能的插件。Eventide的Tverb是Eventide和我之间两年合作的结果。这不仅仅是获得大卫·鲍伊(David Bowie)“英雄”人声效果的小技巧。应用程序是无限的。我喜欢跳舞的麦克风。” —托尼·维斯康蒂

  • 2 Moveable microphones to adjust depth of field and room reflections
  • Adjustable polar patterns for microphone 1 to adjust the amount of ambient room tone
  • Eventide’s complex reverb algorithm with EQ, diffusion, and decay control
  • Compressor module on microphone 1, just as Visconti had in the original session
  • 2 linkable, post-reverb gate modules with control of when the gates close, the speed at which they close, and the length of time they are forced to stay open
  • Console (inspired by the one used in the session, including Visconti’s ‘grease pencil’ labelling) that provides post-reverb channel processing for each individual mic and the master
  • Room mixer module alters the sound of the room itself with control over decay, diffusion, and frequency response
  • Light weight! Low CPU loading allows you to put Tverb on multiple tracks
  • Signal inversion buttons to remove (or create) phase cancellation
  • Mix Lock allows for scrolling through presets or settings while keeping the wet/dry mix constant
  • Complete automation support

"While this reverb plug-in only simulates one room, it does a great job and is surprisingly versatile when compared to similarly priced IR convolution reverbs available on the market today." - SonicScoop

"Tverb’s Meistersaal room simulation is full of character, and being able to sculpt its intrinsic nature in specific ways greatly expands this plug-in’s usefulness." - Mix Magazine

"While you may think this is just for that vocal sound, it’s not at all...Tverb is great-sounding, easy-to-use reverb meets room tool, with a lot of creative options." - ProSound Network

"I already love it...Tverb is a refreshing new look at the making of a plugin for emulating a production technique instead of trying to emulate a piece of gear and I like it for that. The sound quality of Tverb is awesome and sounds so lush." - Producer Spot

  • Microsoft Windows 7+
  • 苹果OS X 10.7+





"Tverb's combination of gorgeous reverb, flexible mic positioning and useful dynamics control makes it unique and very special indeed...It's a triumph and Bowie would have been proud." -电脑音乐

"Having this kind of slightly more complex hookup readily available (with save-able settings) in one plug-in is a particularly quick and convenient way to add some musical, dynamic reverb processing to various tracks in a mix, as called for, though, of course, it really shines on vocals." - Ask Audio

"Tverb offers one of the very best sounding acoustic spaces I’ve ever heard on a plug-in, with a natural and detailed room sound that blends very nicely with the source." - GearSlutz.com


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